Our Mission

Our mission is to empower Nigerians with good health, basic Human Rights., healthy environment and relevant skills for their sustainable livelihoods in their respective settings.

Our Vission

CENPEED’s shared vision is to see all Nigerians enjoy maximum well-being and basic Human Rights in robust economic and safe environment.


To develop environmental safety and serve humanity with utmost sense of commitment for their improved well being and preservation of fundamental freedom.

The Organization

The Centre for People’s Empowerment and Environmental Development (CENPEED) a registered non-governmental, voluntary, non-racial and international-oriented organization was established 2010. CENPEED was conceived out of substantial experience in environmental/ human development research and the belief in equal Human Rights for all in the society.

CENPEED activities are generally focused on promoting Safe Environment and Human Resources Development for sustainable development. CENPEED believes in working for a world in which women and men are equal partners at all levels of decision-making and and management of economic and political resources.


Our Value

The centre (CENPEED) values equal rights for all, gender equity, accountability, transparency and participatory approaches in organizational and project management processes; punctuality at work, reward for hard work, and effective participation between men and women at work.


To empower communities economically, encourage corporate bodies and individuals to initiate and implement projects aimed at achieving maximum well-being and development.


  • Communicable and degenerative disease control, safely education, and disaster awareness and. management.
  • Water sanitation and hygiene education.
  • Urban liquid and solid waste management
  • Human Rights Protection (reduction of harmful traditional practices against women and child abuse)
  • Research and documentation.
  • Capacity building (for rural women for their economic empowerment)
  • Campaign and advocacy
  • Publishing quarterly magazines (the international journal of environmental health and human development)
  • Monitoring and evaluation of programs
  • Enhancing police/community Relations.
  • Gender issues.







Raised Funds